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In a world where everything is becoming smarter, your home should too. Comparing today’s day to a time 10 years in the past, we can safely say our lifestyle has changed. Technology is an integral part of our society and ecosystem. As the power of AI grows increasingly, smart gadgets quickly substitute our daily tasks to provide convenience. 

Today we’ll talk about five such brilliant innovations that have redefined comfort, safety, and convenience. These gadgets are based on the concept of old homely accessories while giving them a marvelous technological twist. Let’s take a look at the top 3 home smart gadgets you must have. 

The Ring Video Doorbell

Home security has undergone massive changes in the past decade. We’ve come a long way from simple ringing bells to enhanced video activated doorbells. The Ring Video Doorbell takes this a notch up. This sleek doorbell fits right onto your door and packs the power of IoT integration. It connects seamlessly with your phone, PC, or tablet to give you remote access. Using the native app you can talk to people at your doorstep using any of your connected devices. Additionally, this doorbell features 1080p resolution video feed for ultimate clarity and night vision to ensure security after the sun goes down. The battery is rechargeable and it connects to both iOS and Android devices. Thus, if you’re looking to upgrade your home security, this gadget is a must have. 

INLIFE’s Wake Up Light Smart Alarm Clock

Traditional alarm clocks are not exactly the perfect accessories. The way they create a ruckus in the morning may spoil your morning. That’s also a reason many people do not like having an alarm clock in their house. However, this may as well change. 

Inlife has re-imagined the way an alarm clock works after taking note from the natural cycle of sleep. The Wake Up Light alarm clock doesn’t create any sound. Instead, the light simulates the event of the sun rising. When you set an alarm on the clock, 20-40 minutes before your set time, the light on the gadget starts to glow. The light keeps intensifying as your time to wake up approaches. What happens is, instead of waking up to a ton of noise, you are slowly pulled out of your sleep. It makes for an extremely peaceful experience in the morning that leaves you refreshed. The way this gadget works makes it a top choice for customers in Dubai!

Click and Grow Herb Garden

As the pace of sustainability picks up around the world, having a kitchen garden is in the limelight. However, you might get discouraged because maintaining plants is a very tedious and time consuming affair.
But, the click and grow herb garden solves this puzzle for you. The gadget comes with 3 free basil capsules and packs a water tank and light. All you have to do is keep replenishing the water tank. The device is engineered to do the gardening itself. It provides your plants with much needed nutrients, timely waters them, and also gives them the exact amount of light they need! 

These smart home accessories can truly change the way you live. If you’re in Dubai and want to amp up your lifestyle, we recommend you check these three gadgets out!